Tammy Tittle, R.Sc.P.
Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner
Spiritual Counseling
​Facilitator, Teacher, Happy Learner

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   My purpose is to help others realize their True Nature and release the trauma, drama, chaos and feelings of separation and step into their Higher Self, to release the bondage and imprisionment of false perceptions and beliefs though your own inner knowing and calling forth your true self expression. I am but a catalyst to help you get there, you do the work, I hold the space for your expansion...join me on this journey of awakening our mind to our True Nature and Love. Just be open to be willing to remember...
  My own spiritual journey has been expansive and awakening.  From my earliest memories, I have always sensed something greater than what I had experienced. It is from that place of desire to experience the greatest possibilty for myself that I continiously go within to discover my True Nature and connect to Spirit. From this place of self discovery, I have made a multitude of shifts in my life and experience  much more happiness, joy and peace in all my relationships. I find the most enjoyment connecting with people and discovering our True Nature together.  It is always my pleasure to  be  present  with one in the midst of self discovery and expansion. 

  Tammy Tittle is a licensed Science of Mind and Spirit practitioner, spiritual counselor and teacher. She holds a Master's degree in Religious Studies and  aspires to become a minister.
Throughout my life I have sought after peace, love and a feeling of connection to God. Even as a young child I contemplated the awe and complexity of the universe and the way life is. I’ve tried many experiences looking for that feeling of satisfaction, success and self worth ranging from degrees, certifications and awards, attachments, addictions;
to jobs, titles, positions and undoubtedly many other ways. Whilst I was often successful by society’s measurement, I had a very hard time feeling and knowing my own success and as a result lost everything I valued at one point or another. I quickly found seeking outside myself was not the answer.

Since those times of disconnect, self sabotage and self destructive behavior, I found peace and love through spiritual practice and service. Here I find the Peace, Success and Love of God removes my ego’s determination to drive feelings of inadequacy and despair. Trusting in the strength of God operating through me, a commitment to daily spiritual practice and being truly helpful strengthens my awareness of the omnipresence of God operating in my life in every way.

Willingness is the key that transformed the darkest days of my life into the greatest lessons of my life. Through daily practice of trusting God, using the Principles of the Science of Mind, prayer and meditation, being active in a spiritual community and a little willingness, my life has been transformed. Each and every day I am grateful to experience the Love of God in my life and to be truly helpful.

My mission as a liscensed Religious Science Practitioner and student of A Course in Miracles is to share the benefits of my learning with everyone through spiritual counseling, study groups, workshops and classes on the use and application of the Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles, spiritual growth and transformation and help clients recognize their own true Nature and connection to all of Life.